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Adding a Copyright symbol will help deter people from using your images / photos

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 or Adobe Photoshop CS (i'll bet Elements 3.0 and Elements 4.0 are the same)

1) Get you photo ready (loaded)

2) Make sure your toolbar is showing (the toolbar shows your paint brushes, cropping tool, eraser, paint bucket...etc) You can make sure by clicking on : Windows (at the very top of your photoshop window). The tools should be check marked, if not, go ahead & click it. You might also make sure (in Elements 2.0) that the shortcuts bar is also checkmarked.
3) Now we need to select the Horizontal Type Tool (it looks like a Capital T) from the toolbar. If you're not sure, put your cursor over each tool... You should see a description of each tool. Click on the Horizontal Type Tool.
4) If you click somewhere on your photo, you will be able to add text. Test it out. From the shortcuts bar you can change color, size, font... and many other things about the text.

5) To add the Copyright symbol ©, After selecting the Horizontal Type Tool, click on your photo, hold down the ALT key and type 0169..... (using the numbers on the side of your keyboard... The numbers above the letters will not work...

You can highlight the text and move it around

To add a trademark symbol - Type Alt 0153

To add the Cent Symbol - Type Alt 0162

To add the euro curreny - Type Alt 0128