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Tip #2 - Be Yourself

While the photographer will help with posing, don't be afraid to try something different. Not every picture needs to be a big smile, they should reflect several aspects of you.

When asked to sit for a pose, sit naturally, the same as you would anywhere else.

Make yourself comfortable and it's OK to move around.

Tip #1 - Get into it

The best way to great pictures is the model's (student's) attitude. If you're excited, it shows up on every shot. I've had really beautiful models that thought their looks would make great pictures, that usually doesn't work.

Some of my best photos are from people who can't wait to see their pictures.

Attitude makes a huge difference.




#4 - Be Different.

If you use the same photographer that everyone else does, you'll probably have similar pictures. Try finding a photographer that will compliment your tastes.

Be sure that your photographer will spend enough time with you to get the great portraits you deserve.

Try looking for something better.

Tip #3 - Clothing & outfits

Worn-out blue jeans are very popular. They look great outdoors and are comfortable for the model.

Clothing: Bring your favorite skirt, pants and several tops. Solid colors usually work best. Earthy colors (brown,green) look really good outside.

Leather jackets can be worn or thrown across your shoulder for a more casual look.



#6 Have Fun !

Hopefully you'll get a chance to use some of your own ideas during your senior photo session. Ask, don't be afraid to make suggestions.

You can also make a small scrapbook of other senior ideas you like and try to have your photographer re-create it.

Unique Modeling, Senior Photo ideas and posing tips.

Getting the most during your photo session.


Tip # 5- Jewelry & Accessories

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets , hats and other clothing accessories are great to have along.

They can be mixed with every outfit, giving some really unique pictures.

Dont' forget to bring your school jacket or sports items along.


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